As its name suggests, the Nutcache Agile Planner is a visual project planning tool that allows managers not only to see at a glance the tasks their team members are currently working on in order to better organize and plan for upcoming work, but also the tasks that have yet to be assigned. For regular members working on a project, the Agile planner gives a new approach on getting a visual on each and every task they are working on, just like a to-do list. The Agile Planner is only available with the Nutcache Enterprise Edition.

Let's take a closer look at the different sections of the Agile planner. First, the security profile you were granted at the organization level (full access to projects) as well as the permission access rights you are entitled to on the boards (board manager) will determine if you have access to the Agile Planner or not. For example, the owner and the administrators of an organization will have access to all members assigned to boards and to all boards with assigned members. Regular members will only be able to modify the stories they will be assigned to, except for the planned stat date and the planned end date.

The drop-down list displays the members who are invited on boards linked to projects for which you are the assigned project manager. You can select all members at once or one at the time. This list also lets you add stories that are not yet assigned to any member.

The second drop-down list shows you a list of boards on which the selected members were invited to work on. Again, you can select all boards at once or one at the time.

The next option lets you display either all stories (active and completed) or only the active stories:


The main pane displays stories for all members linked to boards on which they are invited. Hovering over each story will provide the following information:

  • The planned start date
  • The planned end date
  • The start date
  • The done date
  • The active and inactive members assigned to the story

Each story can be modified by a single click from the planner or opened directly in its respective board in a separate tab:

Not only does the Agile planner lets you visualize the current stories, but it also allows you to quickly add members to a story or move a story to other members by a simple drag and drop operation:

A story that becomes grayed out when moved toward a member indicates that the destination member is not assigned to the project board:

The planner also allows you to make changes to the start and end dates of a story by stretching the story to the left or right to cover the date range you want:


If you selected to display unassigned stories from the member selection list, an additional section will display on top of the planner grouping stories yet assigned to members. To assign a story to one or several members, simply drag and drop it onto the desired member(s). Similarly, you can return an assigned story to the "Unassigned" section. However, when returning a story to the "Unassigned" section, all members assigned to this story will be excluded or "unassigned" from the story.


This section of the planner lists all stories for which no planned start date has been set. You can move these stories to either the "Unassign" section or drop them onto the desired member(s). When a story is moved from the "Unplanned" section to the planner, a planned start date is automatically set to it, and it can no longer be returned to the "Unplanned" section unless you click and open the story and delete the planned start date manually.

The meaning of the various icons:

Indicates that the member's story is in progress.

Indicates that the story planned end date is exceeded.

Indicates that the story has been started before its planned start date.

Indicates that the story is done.