Cards and subcards are a very effective mean to track work progress done by your members.

Assigning members to cards and subcards

Prior to assigning members to card and subcards, you need to invite members to the project board first. Once all the required members are invited and their access profile are set, the next step is to assign members to the cards.


Only the board manager can assign members. 

You can first assign members to a card and then to a subcard, or you can assign members directly to a subcard without adding them to the card first. Both options are valid.

To assign members to a cards, you have 2 options:

Either from the card menu :

Or from within the card:


Members who appear in the list of available members are those who have been invited on the project board.

To select a member, simply click on his name. You can click and select multiple members at once:

Now that the members have been assigned to the card, you need to create subcards that will represent the work to be done and assign them members.

To create a subcard, click the Subcard tab and add a new subcard:

Once you are done creating subcards, add members to them from the subcard menu:  

To add yourself to a subcard, click the Member icon or select the Take option from the subcard menu:

The next step is to define the subcards' statuses by choosing from 4 statuses available:

Each different status displays a specific color that acts as a visual indicator of who is doing what.

The subcard icon from the card provides a quick access to the subcards: 

Clicking the subcard icon will open them. The subcards display in a specific order.

You can move and organize the subcards in a logical order of execution from the Subcard tab in order to better suit your workflow.

How to read the Members avatars

You will notice that the avatars' behavior change based on the subcards' statuses.

When the Members' avatars are grouped together and their color faded, it means that either the members have not yet been assigned to subcards, or that the status of the related subcards is set to To Do or Blocked.

When the Members' avatars are separated and highlighted, this shows the members currently working on "in progress" subcards.


The highlighted avatars give you a quick overview of who is currently working.