The timesheet feature can be found under the Time tracking module from the left hand menu. The timesheet is only available to Enterprise users.



Using the timesheet to record time

Recording the amount of time spent on each task is very intuitive and straightforward in Nutcache.


1. Changing the date range
First, you need to define the date range for which you want to record time. Click the right or left arrow (<,>) or click directly on the dates to move to the desired period faster.


2. Detailed or grouped view?
You can switch the calendar views between:


- Detailed view. Time & expense entries are displayed in a more detailed view.


- Grouped view. Time & expense entries are summarized.


3. Adding new time or expense entries
Click the "+" button to add a time or expense entry to the current period directly. Time entries and expenses created through their own respective screens will appear here too.


4. Billable vs non billable
The timesheet displays the total work hours and the total expense amount for each day as well as for the entire week. The timesheet highlights the difference between the total work hours and expenses and the billable work hours and expenses.


5. Sending the timesheet for approval
After checking the accuracy of the information displayed, click the "Submit week" button to submit the timesheet to the person responsible for approvals. You can cancel the submission for approval as long as the timesheet has not yet been approved.



A timesheet that has been submitted can be modified only if it has not been approved or rejected by the Project Manager or Team Leader. Once a timesheet has been approved or rejected, it cannot be modified by the person who submitted it.

The timesheet different statuses

A small black triangle

A small black triangle means the timesheet has been submitted for approval.


A small red triangle

A small red triangle means the timesheet has been rejected.


A small green triangle
A small green triangle indicates that the timesheet has been approved.