From the Projects to invoice option (available under the Projects menu), you can recognize at a glance all the projects that have unbilled hours or expenses grouped by client and displayed according to a specific date range.

Setting the date range

The first step to identify billable projects is to set a date range for which you wish to display billable amounts. You can choose from preset date ranges or define a custom date range.


Billing the client or a project
The screen provides information on the total billable hours, the labor and billable expenses and the total billable amount for all projects related to each of your clients.

By default, all projects with pending billable amounts display grouped by client. This approach makes it easier to see the remaining amounts to be charged for each client.

You can then choose to bill each project individually or to bill a client for all his billable projects at once.


The project selection screen lets you define what information you wish to include on your invoice. To learn more on how to set this screen, click here.


It is also possible to bill a client directly from the client's file or from the Actions menu of the client list (available under the Projects menu), as long as the client is linked to a billable project: