Users of Nutcache can personalize their business form template to better match their business reality. Elements from the form template that can be customized include the form accent color as well as most of the fields displayed on the form.

 The form template screen can be found under the Organization menu.


The accent color

Nutcache lets you choose the grid header color that matches your visual identity and a matching text color as well.

The default fields

Choose to display or hide all the default fields from your organization, your client, and the header/footer of the form.


Pick the fields you wish to display for your organization and client and simply drag them from the "Available" column to the "Selected" column.

Once you are done dragging the fields to the “Selected” column, you can change their order by moving them downward or upward.

You can also link a field to the following field so that the two fields display on the same line. For example, to display the "city" and "state/province" fields on one single line, simply click the link icon from the City field to link it to the next field.

In addition, the form header, body and footer contains fields that can be displayed or hidden as needed by clicking the Yes/No toggle button beside each of these fields.

Once you are pleased with the results, Save your custom template or click the Reset to default button to reset the template to its default values.