The billing method of your projects varies from one client to another? Nutcache now allows you to set an invoice method best suited to your business reality when you are creating a project.

The invoice methods available
Invoice method for projects that you are not going to bill (internal projects, for instance).

Task rate

The billable amount is calculated from the tasks' rates. This method lets you associate an hourly rate with tasks.

Member rate

The billable amount is calculated from the members' rates. This method allows you to enter a different hourly rate for each member

Project hourly rate
This method tracks one hourly rate for the entire project, regardless of who does what.

Project fixed-fee
Use this method when the client agrees to pay a single fixed fee for fulfillment of the project, no matter how much time is spent on the project.

NOTE: If you select either the Task rate or Member rate invoice method, you can set a specific hourly rate for the project from the Members tab ot Tasks tab. Otherwise, the system will use the default hourly rates set in the Member and Task files.

The rate set in a task file (or in a member file) is the default rate used when assigning new tasks (or members) to a project. Modifying this rate will not update the task rate (or member rate) set in existing projects. Updating this rate must be made within the project itself.

Only bill approved entries
This option allows you to bill all entries (worked hours, expenses, etc.), or only those that have been approved via the approval options from under the Time Tracking module.

To learn how to invoice a project, click here.