Invoice numbers are unique identifiers for your invoices. As such, they cannot be reused if there is already an invoice with that unique identifier. When deleting an invoice, Nutcache in facts keeps the record of your invoice but changes its status to deleted. The invoice still exists and can be retrieved at any given time. Please note that you may have to check your filters on the Status column to make sure that deleted invoiced are not hidden.

To be able to use an invoice number already used on a deleted invoice, you need to first change the invoice number for that deleted invoice. To do so,

  1. Find the deleted invoice with the invoice number you want to reuse, and undelete it. The invoice's status will revert to Draft.

  2. Click on the invoice to edit it, and change its Document no. For instance, you could rename it by adding "deleted" to its number.

  3. Save your invoice.
  4. Under the Actions button at the top of the invoice, select Delete to delete the invoice again, and you are now free to reuse the invoice number you needed.