The Nutcache list or data tables provide great flexibility in managing and displaying your data by offering you the ability to:

  1. Search records
  2. Modify the columns order
  3. Add/Hide columns
  4. Group records by a column header
  5. Sort columns
  6. Save grid custom layout
  7. Export the grid contents

Add/Hide columns
Nutcache's data tables or lists let you display as many columns as there are available fields to display. To add columns to the table, click theĀ  button located at the end of a row and select the Column option. From the drop-down list, select the columns you want to add or remove from the data table. The new column will be added to the far right side of the table, but you can move it by dragging it to the desired location.

Save customized layout
To keep the changes you make to the data table, click the Layout button and select the Save layout option at the top right of the table. Next time you open the data table, your customized layout will display by default.

Export table content

Any information that you can display in the data tables can be exported to Microsoft Excel. This function is very useful because it allows you to create as many reports as you wish, either lists of contacts, transactions, products, etc.