Nutcache lets you attach documents of any kind to your transactions — invoices, recurring invoices, estimates and expenses. The number of documents you can add depends on your account type.

  Attachments on transactions Unlimited Unlimited
  File storage (capacity) 25 GB 100 GB

You can attach documents when creating or editing a transaction. Look for the Attachment icon located in the icon toolbar from the transaction screen...

...and simply click the Add an attachment link and browse files on your computer to attach the wanted document(s) to your transaction.

Once a document is attached to your transaction, you can:

  • Decide if it will be visible to the client: If you check the "Visible to client" option, your client will be able to view and download the document when he accesses his invoice online. The attachment will be displayed to the client in a similar fashion as what you see on your transaction while creating/editing it.
  • Delete the document: This will permanently remove the document from your transaction and your account, freeing storage space and file/transaction availability.
  • Download the document: Lets you download the document to keep a copy on your computer.

  • Click the document: This will let you preview and download the document

What will my client see?

Your client will see and download attachments that are visible to him at the bottom of the invoice.