To create a recurring invoice, go to the "Recurring invoices" menu under "Sales" and then click on the "+ Recurring Invoice" button in the upper-left corner.


You can also create a recurring invoice based on an existing invoice. To do so, go to the "Invoices" page, under the "Sales" menu, and select "Create recurring invoice" from the Action menu at the end of the row for the selected invoice.



Recurring invoices are handled slightly different from regular invoices and they are on a separate page so you can locate and manage them easily.


There are two parts to a recurring invoice:

  • The first part lets you set the recurrence;
  • The second part lets you create the content of your invoice, and works just like your regular invoices.

Set recurring schedule



Next invoice on

Set the date at which you want the next invoice to be created.

due ___ day(s) later

Automatically sets the due date of every invoice generated to a specified number of days after it has been created. The due date will be displayed to the client and used to manage overdue invoices.

Repeat every

Indicate the billing frequency for your invoice. You can choose between a number of days, weeks, months or even years. For example, enter two (2) in the text box and select week from the drop-down list to the right to create a recurring invoice that will be generated – and sent to the client depending on your options – every two weeks.

End date

Set the latest date on which you want an invoice based on this schedule to be generated. Leaving this field blank will leave the schedule open ended so that new invoices will keep being generated until you either add an end date or stop the recurrence on this invoice.

Notify me when the invoice is generated

Will send you an email notification to let you know that an invoice based on this schedule has been generated so that you may take action if needed.

Send email automatically

Will send the generated invoice based on this schedule automatically to the recipient and with the message specified. To edit the recipient and message information, click on the "Add email info" link below.


Once your recurrence is set and your invoice details entered, click on "SAVE". To start the recurrence click on the "SAVE AND START" button instead.