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Ability to Uniquely Customize Project Color Label

With the nature of my business, I have a LOT of clients, who I also list as 'Projects' in order to invoice appropriately. 

For the 7+ years I've had my business, I've used color-coding to easily differentiate between clients with Email, Contacts, Calendar, etc. 

I was thrilled when Nutcache came out with the multiple colors assigned to various projects. However, I have found it to be even more confusing when the color 'assigned' is not the same as that which I use for that client in all other areas.

It would be fantastic to have the ability to select unique custom colors (a hex color guide?), as we see fit, vs having them automatically assigned.



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THank you for your feedback.

We will consider it for future development.


The Nutcache team

Totally. This is probably my number one desire for Nutcache: being able to choose the colors for projects as you create them. There can be types or categories of projects that could benefit from all having the same color coding or hues of colors. This could be very beneficial and most likely easily added in the project settings? I'll second to please consider this attribute. 

Great to receive the status update as 'In Progress'!
Such a key element to client/project management.
Thank you!!


this feature is now available.

Enjoy :)

The Nutcache team

Thank you! I've tried posting the following comment to the blog post, however I continue to be directed to a .php URL with a blank screen.... So, to be sure you receive this SINCERE NOTE OF GRATITUDE:

CUSTOM COLORS!! Thank you!! This is exactly what I was hoping for with my request!! I'm so impressed and appreciative of the dedication and response Nutcache has to their customers!! This will help tremendously! I've already gone through ALL my clients/projects and appropriately color-coded them consistent with my other programs.
Ahh...Everything seems right now! :)

Much Gratitude!!

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