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Option to include invoice as PDF attachment when sending invoice

Currently the save and send, sends an email to the customer with details of the invoice. The customer then clicks on a link to view the invoice online.'

In some instances the customer is platform does not allow proper viewing (more to do with thier lack of competance) of the invoice online and an attached PDF will help.

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Great idea to have this an option. I have some customers that would to get their invoice as an attachment directly because they are not likely to click all kind of button on a website. They just want the invoice instantly.

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This is a bog one, most major accounting depts seem to have automatic invoice emails addresses that attached PDF's need to be sent to, then are automatically processed. I can export it as a PDF then I have to create an email outside of nut cache and send separately. The current email that is sent out can remain exactly the same, I would just LOVE to have a PDF attached as an option. I would pay extra for that!


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