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Remove Estimate Total from email to Client

When I prepare an estimate, I have to include several options at different price points. Unfortunatley the sum of all the options is displayed on the email the client receives. This scares the client before he has even seen the estimate, and I have to write on every estimate to ignore the total shown.

I don't want to prepare an individual estimate for each option (there are sometimes many) as this would confuse both the client and me. 

Thank you

(sorry for submitting this as a ticket, I thought I had started a forum thread :) )

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Thank you for suggesting this.

Sorry for bumping this, but I've just lost yet another job from a client who just looks at the total amount on the email and never even bothers to click through to see the actual estimate.

Neither can I send multiple estimates for the same job because clients are easily confused.

Thank you for your consideration.

It would make more sense to include the project and or description in the email instead of a total.

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