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NotePad for Invoices and Estimates

Apart from the notes that can be made on the client profile, It will be handy to have notes available that pertain to individual Invoices and Estimates. Even better if these notes are auto dated.

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This would be great, especially if it was not visible to the client. For example, I like to record material costs for each customer/job. but I dont want the customer to see these figures.

Thanks for agreeing Michael. I follow up invoices, quotes etc. When I do, I would love a place to jot down the date and the discussion so that I can refer back to that when I speak to the client again. This goes for Creditors and Debtors. Even if I had a full blown CRM ( and I don't) the ability to attach notes ( for my own reference) will be a unique facility that I have not yet seen in other solutions. The absolute winner would be linking Gmail to my account and thus get related links to my email communication...

This is scheduled for our Next release.

Thanks a ton guys.. I am sure it will be a great help... I see it is for free till end Jan... pity but understandable.

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