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Links from one calendar view to another

When inputting hours by employee it would be nice if one could navigate between the 'Day' view and 'Month' view without having to got through the series of links on the menu but rather by a single link.


are you talking about these links ?

Its actually once we arrive at the 'Day' view to edit entries that there does not seem to be a way to conveniently return to the month view. While inputing hours we are constantly navigating back and forth between the two.

This page shown here does not appear to have a link back?


Having nothing but praise of the usability of Nutcache - would love to a link added in the scenario described above. Would add a quick and efficient step to our workflow. Hope our feedback is valued, yours certainly is.



Next update will make your workflow much more efficient. You can expect it next month.


The Nutcache team

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