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Drag and drop items to reorder them on invoice/estimate

Hi, i really want the ability to move items around on an invoice or estimate once i put them in. Normally when im making a new estimate I think through the project while referencing my notes and emails from the prospective client. Then once i have everything possible on the document i want to change the order so the client sees everything in a specific order to help close my sale. Thanks! Joe

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Very interesting. 

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Please add!
At least for estimates in chromium it is missing.

It would be nice to have estimate items categorized with kind of header:

Header/category 1

- product 1

- product 2

Header/category 2

- product 3

- product 4


Or little up and down arrows next to each item to re-order them.

I fully agree and support this request !! 

it would make the presentation of estimates and invoices a whole lot easier and more professional.

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