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Add a project timer to the online software

 I often have multiple projects in the queue on any given day. It is difficult to track how much work is done for each project, especially if I am switching back and forth between them (or, god forbid, switching between clients). A feature that would allow me a dashboard or something where I could start and stop a timer on projects that was on my screen would be ideal. Bonus points if it actually entered that info into the project time log, but even just the first part would be a huge upgrade. I hear there is something similar that is accessible to smartphone users (which I am not), but I think most people are doing their work on a laptop or similar, so having the timer on-screen would still be better.

Thumbs up. I would love to see something like Upwork's timetracker or I'm using Screenshotmonitor and love it as a timetracker. I would also be happy to switch to Nutcache completely if Nutcache had a similar desktop timetracker with ability to take screenshots. While it may be a huge feature to develop I would also be happy at least with ability to do import of timelog from csv.

Timers are already in our schedule for future development.

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Timers were released yesterday :)

Has the dashboard timer feature been implemented, and if so, how do I add it?

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