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Detailed Time Tracking

I don't see a way to enter any details regarding time tracking other than total hours and date.  It would seem if time tracking is one of your core functionalities, there should be some detail around that function.  At a minimum, a way to enter start and end times (HH:MM AM/PM) for a task.  My suggestion for implementing this would be to add start/end times fields, and have it calculate the hours.  To add some icing and sprinkles, how about a timer app that can be started and stopped and have the data automatically captured?

But seriously... start/end times at a minimum are a requirement for us to continue using/evaluating this product.  If there's a way to enable this that I haven't found, please advise.  Thanks!  

Hi, and thank you for suggesting this.

we will plan it for future developments.


The Nutcache team