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Manage bank of hours

Sometimes, my client ask me to send an invoice before to work. It is harder then to keep track of hours billed in advance.

It could be very useful to have a way to manage that.

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Sure, do you have something in mind ?

A good way to to this would be to create a bank of hour with a predetermined amount of time (or money). Then we could link hours to this bank. So thoses hours would not appears as un-billed.

Another way would be to have the possibility to link hours to an existing invoice. The important thing here is to have a visual way to know than an hour is already billed.


you can already see if an hour has been billed or not.

In the work hours list, if the "invoice no." column is empty, and the hour is "billable" then the hour has not been billed yet.


The Nutcache team

Yes.. but how can I link hours to an existing invoice? I need 2 things:

1- Link new hours to an existing invoice
2- Know when the sum of hours is exceeding the total of the invoice.


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