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Automated payments

 Automated payments

It would be an awesome time saving feature to implement automated payments using payment services that support it such as Stripe.

This allows customers or employees can enter the payment information one time (which is stored on the services systems, in this example Stripe) and then the periodic invoice associated is automatically generated and then paid for, for example once a month.

The Nutchace system would send out the invoice to the client via email and shortly following a second invoice marked "paid" upon a successful transaction.

This is useful for many businesses including those offering online services such as webhosting or any kind of company that offers any kind of on going services, support, sales, subscriptions and so on.

Automated payment of recuring invoices saves clients and businesses from performing repetative tasks and allows everyone to spend more time doing other tasks.

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Thank you for suggesting this.

This is something that we already consider for future developments.

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