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Additional Columns needed in Invoice List

Glad to see the improvement in the invoice (and other) lists with the latest update... keep up the good work.  Something glaringly missing in the invoice list is a column for the project name or the invoice description.  Currently the report is fairly useless to me as I can't tie any of the listed invoices to any projects or descriptions and I have to open each invoice one by one to check what the invoice is for.  Kinda' defeats the purpose of having the invoice summary list.

Please consider this in the next update.  Thanks.

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you ll be happy to know that description will be available in the list view within 10 days.

Unfortunately, as the project can be different on each line of the invoice it won't be possible to display it in the invoice list.


The Nutcache team



this is available.

The Nutcache team

Great, well done, thanks.  One further suggestion that will make the addition of the columns more useful is it they can remain on screen or saved to the list after you come back to the page.  Currently, when I add a column and then click to view an invoice and then go back to the list, the new columns are gone, also the list goes back to its standard sorting... essentially I lose anything I adjusted to the list every time I check an invoice and then go back to the list.  The far majority of users are using the list view to check on current and past invoices which means they are likely clicking to view several invoices when viewing the list.  If the list reverts to its standard view (standard sort order, any added columns gone) it somewhat defeats the purpose of having the new added columns feature and the sort feature.  Just another suggestion... keep up the good work !

Hi Jordan, 

once you've organised the columns and sorting, simply click on the "Save Layout" button, and it will keep it until you change it or click on "reset layout" button.

Another tip, press Ctrl when clicking on a line, it will open in a new tab, so it will be easier for you to go through the list and know which one you ve opened.


the Nutcache team

Perfect.  Thanks !

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