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Removal of DUPLICATE feature

I noticed this feature was recently removed- the option to duplicate an invoice or estimate is something I use on a frequent basis, no these are not "re-occurring", they are items that I need to duplicate and modify.

Is there some alternative for this feature that supports both estimates and invoices - or has this converted to a "Pro only" feature? or is it simply "gone"??

Seems so easy that a drop down menu was removed (without anyone even asking) - I really wish the "Project" menu *requirement* would be removed from the mobile app as I requested over a year ago. 


we had to temporarily remove this feature from Pro and Free version to prepare our next release.

The feature will be back with this release.


The Nutcache team

I also use the dupliacate option so its good to know its on the way back.

Hi, it is already back for a long time.