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Payment date anterior to invoice date

Hi Team, firstly, I have been using your app for months and I have to say that it is great and it has saved me hours of work ! Now, I have a question regarding the payments. As I was using another software before, I would like to import all the invoices I have done (about 2 years). So, I would like to be able to enter a payment which has been done before the invoice date. I know this is not possible to avoid error but this happened a lot of times with several clients for the past few years. Plus, it is not possible to edit all the invoices as the year is now over. If this feature could be added it would be great. Hope you will have an answer to my problem. Thanks in advance. Best regards

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Thank you for this suggestion.

Hi team,

Any news about this feature ? 

I am really facing problem as I would like to import all my invoices and be able to compare previous years.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Best regards

Not yet. We will keep you posted.

I heard that this function has been marked as planned.

Looking forward to having this function implemented.

Thanks Nutcache Team.
Best regards

Dear team, I am surprised to hear that this feature has been deferred. If I am not wrong, this feature does not require a lot of work and there is nothing legally not to implement it. I have entered all my invoices and I am now stuck because I have many unpaid invoices. I hope to hear a good news soon from you. Best regards
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