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Discounts column in invoices and estimates


We need a new column in the invoices and estimates with a discount in %. We like our customers know all the time what is the normal price, and what is the discount we are applying.

It would be a great improving!!

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Hi thank you for this suggestion.

As an alternative : 

You can apply discounts directly on your invoice and Nutcache will adjust the balance of the invoice accordingly.

Enter your product or service at regular price and then Just click on the + Service or + Product button and fill in the description field with the name of your discount and add the negative amount of it under the Unit price/Rate column. In addition, Nutcache will notify you if the balance of your invoice becomes negative so you can proceed with the necessary adjustments.


The Nutcache Team

Thank you for the work around but I do agree,a simple discount entry in the invoice/estimate would be great.

I agree. A percent discount will be welcome. Also as an idea you can add an individual discount (by item) and a global discount.

The system doesn't seem to accept negative figures though, I just type -price but it doesn't work

Hi there,

I am having the same problem as Annabella... the rate column will not accept a negative figure.

Are there any updates on this issue?


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