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Invoice automatic numbering

One of the best automatic numbering I found and use is based on time.

Choice should be given between

  • Numerical numbering (####)
  • Timestamp numbering (AAAAMMJJHHMMSS)
  • + option for append/prepend personal sequence (ABC-####, ###-ABC, ABC-AAAAMMJJHHMMSS-ABC, AAAAMMJJHHMMSS-ABC)

Timestamp is best for many situations (if not all)

  • Business starters who do not want to show the number of transactions they made so far
  • Installed business who need to fragment the invoice numbering to optimize the workflow

Personal sequence is great when you have several business under the same brand and accounting system. Example :

  • MyBusiness Tech >> AAAAMMJJHHMMSS-TECH
  • MyBusiness Nature >> AAAAMMJJHHMMSS-NATURE


So far I do it all manually, but having those as alternative choices would help a lot and protect against manual mistakes 

Having append/prepend personal sequence is optional but seems logical since we can have multiple businesses (many of us will use it to separate activities in one business I think).

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thank you for this feature request, will take it into consideration for future Nutcache updates.



The Nutcache Team

You can achieve it by using a combination of the smart auto numbering in place and create companies / organizations.

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