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Invoice Due Date Calculated by Terms

I would like to request an enhancement whereby the Invoice Due Date is calculated (and editable) based upon terms. Ideally, the terms would be set up at the Client/Project level.


1. Client ABC, Project 123 - Terms Net30.  If my Invoice Date is 12/31/14, the calculated Invoice Due Date would be 1/30/15.

2. Client ABC, Project 456 - Terms Net10.  If my Invoice Date is 12/31/14, the calculated Invoice Due Date would be 1/10/15.

By the way, two thumbs up to Nutcache.  I find it easy to use and the Mobile App is a definite plus!

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Hi, Thank you for this request. 

We will take it into consideration for future Nutcache updates.


The Nutcache team

I second that request. It's a pain to have to calculate a Net 45 days due date.

Charles - Unfortunately, I believe this was dropped from consideration.

Hello, I would be nice to have a simple button that would add X days, where you could input X, to compute the due date in addition to having the button to select the exact date from a calendar. As a work around, I use to do the same.

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I vote for this too. It is to easy to forget about the due date. Now the due date is calculated automatically to be one day offset from the invoice date, but this could be easily changed into a xx day offset as dictated by the terms


Another vote for this too and a third request. Should be simple as excel does this very simply e.g. Input date into cell - next cell reference first cell and add 30 and you have 30 days in the future calculated.

This is a very important feature that any other accounting suite seems to have: automated calculation of due date based on  per account payment terms.

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