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API for integration with other platforms

It would be very important to have an API to load invoices from external software or website

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Seems like an API is essential in general for this type of application, I was surprised to learn that there wasn't one.  I really don't want to write some type of facade just to be able to add data programmatic-ally.  Probably wouldn't be too hard, as things seem AJAXy, but still...

a YUGE +1 for this feature request from me too.  :-)

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I like Nutcache a lot, but an API would be essential for me to make the switch.

I'm really interested too in an API.  That's why I'm not a client yet.

2 years later, has this been done?

I've been looking for a reason to switch from Freshbooks, but Nutcache seems lacking in this area.

All goog ideas,

 import / export is already in our backlog.

Or at least a basic option to export records to csv. such as these items:

Customer list




Time tracking (good for 3rd party payroll)

Then down the road, a csv import function would also be very handy.

API to receive data but also to send them 

I use Desjardins Monetico and I would like to be able to have an API that allows some kind of integration with it (send bills, receive payment confirmation minimally)




thank you for this suggestion.

Building an API is already in process but we have no ETA on when it will be publicly available.


The Nutcache Team

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