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CSV/Excel upload

Is there a timeline for this to happen? It really is the one thing stopping me from using my account regularly/upgrading to PRO.

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thank you for this feature request.

This is something we plan to add to our solution early next year.


the Nutcache team

Any update ?

We had to defer it to concentrate on more popular items.

That is sad.  I'd like to migrate but you are not offering me (us!) any way to keep actual data.

J'aurais aimé encourager une entreprise locale... :-(

You can now upload customer, products, tasks and users.

Enjoy :)

The Nutcache team


Just adding it to this topic, unsure whether you would like me to start a new one.

My team would benefit from the ability to upload a CSV/Excel to a list on a board or a board itself. Is this a feature that you would consider implementing as well?

Thanks in advance

I was hoping to see more uploads and export features. 

An API would solve most of our problems.

Uploading lists to boards would also be super helpful.

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