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Will there be a CRM added in the future and when or is there one that can integrate with nutcache

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First of all, thank you for using Nutcache. 

We take good note of your request and will take it into consideration for future Nutcache updates.

CRM is not in our plans for short terms development but as other users can vote on suggestions, highly popular suggestions can influence our feature development schedule.


The Nutcache Team

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I love this idea!

I'm using Nutcache mainly for invoicing. I've already entered my client contacts. Adding just a logbook for my interactions with a client and having to possibility to enter and refer to an entry in this logbook would be great. That would be a base CRM feature that I would use for sure.


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I agree, even a very basic crm would be great. Also integration with gmail would be awesome. Check out Cvita as well. I use their widget to seup appts and communicate with new clients. This is more extensive buy the more you can provide my business, the more cause i have to go Pro since this would streamline my business flow. Thanks!

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Great idea! And will be awesome if some notes in the logbook of a project or client can be associated with icons like telephone call, email, meeting, etc.


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