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Android time logger app - improve work flow please

Can we make the "Project" criteria optional, and just have a direct drop down to the customer list when logging time. Projects makes the app very cluttered.

If someone is using this on their phone, they are probably on the road, and chances are they are in a hurry.... having to perform extra steps makes it cumbersome and in my business this = poor adoption for the nutcache app - nobody wants to use it!!!

Features are great, but when someone is on the road SIMPLICITY is revolutionary!... think about all the mp3 players that came out, then Apple invented the ipod - it ruled!

The time logger should simply "log time", to do so we only need to know the customer and a drop down for service type, and notes.

Brief example from another app we have used:

Client: Bobs Garage

Service: General Labor 2.25 hours

Notes: Performed maintenance on widgets

Having Projects is a great "Addon", I just wish it was optional.

Hi, John,

mileage tracking is already in our backlog :)


The Nutcache Team

Would it be possible to also add a "mileage" field (optional of course) to the mobile app.

Hi John, 

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We appreciate the time and effort you have spent to share your insightful comments, which will be seriously considered and adequately implemented. 

We always welcome bright ideas from interested individuals like you and we hope that you continue to share them with us in the future.

Wondering if this discussion is being heard??

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